How to date your perpetual planner

A perpetual planner has the great advantage of being able to start at any month of the year. Since he doesn't have a date written down, he'll ask you to take a moment to write them down. Here's how to properly date your planner.

The number of weeks

First, you should know that the agenda includes 5 weeks in every month. Obviously, you won't be using all those weeks every month. These 5 weeks will serve you according to the months where there are more weeks than others. For example, if in February there are only 4 weeks, you will have to skip over the 5th.

The lead pencil is your friend

I strongly advise you to date your diary first. Thus, if you make a careless mistake, you can rectify the situation and not shift your whole year!

Start with your vision of the month

To properly delimit your months, I suggest that you start with the monthly vision of your planner. You can date every month, then finish with weeks.

Finally, the weeks

Once all your months have been registered, checked and rechecked, it's time to move on to your weeks. You will have to follow your calendar to add the correct dates to the correct days of the week.

Attention, it is normal if two months overlap in the same week. Just make sure you do the month change right and don't continue without going through the monthly vision each month. It's normal to have more weeks than you need.

If you number your diary without stopping, your months won't work!

I hope the article was able to help you with your new agenda.

Happy planning!

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