Subscription Policies

Monthly delivery

  • You will receive, each month, a collection of stickers selected by us. As soon as you subscribe, shipments will be made automatically until cancelled.
  • We send out subscriptions around the 15th of each month (subject to change depending on holidays). You will receive the collection to plan for the coming month. For example, in January you will receive the February collection.
  • If your credit card expires or changes during the subscription, please notify us in advance by email at to avoid any delays.


  • The minimum commitment for subscriptions is 3 months. Once these 3 months have passed, you can cancel your subscription at any time. By subscribing, you agree to make at least the first 3 recurring payments.
  • Subscription automatically renews each month until manually cancelled.


  • You will receive a carefully chosen selection of stickers for the time of year. You will receive a weekly set and embellishment sheets for your planner. As a bonus, each subscriber receives a “little magic sheet” which includes 5-6 stickers related to the month. This sheet is exclusive to subscribers and is not for sale separately.
  • For management reasons, it is not possible to combine regular orders with subscriptions in shipping.


  • Around the 20th: we announce the next collection on social networks.
  • 1st : the collection is on free sale
  • 7: deadline to subscribe and receive the whole of the next month
  • Around the 15th: dispatch of subscriptions

So for example with the month of March

  • January 20: We announce the theme for March
  • February 1: the collection is on free sale
  • February 7: deadline to subscribe and receive the March set
  • Around February 15: dispatch of subscriptions

You will receive your subscription just in time to plan March!

  • November 8 to December 7 = January Collection
  • December 8 to January 7 = February Collection
  • January 8 to February 7 = March Collection
  • February 8 to March 7 = April Collection
  • March 8 to April 7 = May Collection
  • April 8 to May 7 = June Collection
  • May 8 to June 7 = July Collection
  • June 8 to July 7 = August Collection
  • July 8 to August 7 = September Collection
  • August 8 to September 7 = October Collection
  • September 8 to October 7 = November Collection
  • October 8 to November 7 = December Collection

Important dates

  • 6: Deadline for changing address and paying failed payment
  • 7: Deadline to subscribe
  • 15: Shipping of subscriptions (variable date if the 15th falls on a weekend)


  • The minimum commitment for a subscription is 3 months. You can cancel the subscription at any time after these 3 months.
  • The cancellation is done on the customer account directly. The cancellation will have an impact on the next shipment. No shipment already paid for or in the process of being delivered can be canceled or refunded. It is not possible to pause a subscription.
  • Attention: It is important not to cancel the subscription by canceling the recurring payment on PayPal or on the credit card. This will not cancel the payment at Blueberry Papeterie.
  • If you wish to break the 3-month subscription commitment, a $15 fee will be applied to the file.


  • Please note that emails are the primary means of communication for Blueberry Papeterie. You can contact us at Check your spam, sometimes our response falls into junk mail.

Late subscription

  • Payments renew automatically. If the payment fails on a first attempt, you will receive an email telling you to pay.
  • You must make your payment before the 6th of the month. Otherwise your subscription will not be taken into account.

Return and refund

  • We do not allow returns and refunds on subscriptions. All sales are final.
  • If an item arrives damaged, please write to us at info@blueberrypapeterie with a photo of the product.

Shipping Information

  • Subscriptions are sent in letter format by Canada Post. The shipping time may vary depending on traffic. Shipping is usually 2-3 business days.
  • Make sure the address on your account is valid. We are not responsible for address changes.
  • Change of address: to change the shipping address, please contact us before the 6th of the month at
  • If a subscription is returned to our workshop due to an incorrect address, a $5 shipping fee will be charged to resend the subscription.
  • Delivery in Canada only.