Disc binding: what is it?

The disc system is a binding technique that allows you to put and remove sheets as you wish.

The element that gives all the magic: the shape of the holes. The holes in the shape of small mushrooms allow the discs to go in, but hardly to come out. This means that you can easily remove and replace a single sheet, but impossible to remove the entire package.

The discs

What's fun about the disc system is that you can choose the style of your binding. There are several varieties of colors, materials and disc patterns to personalize your notebook or diary to the fullest.

In particular, you will find discs of two different materials: the most affordable, plastic. They come in all colors and are often inexpensive. Be careful though, they can break and crack over time or if your diary falls on the ground, for example.

The second type is metal discs, more precisely aluminum. Personally, they are my favorites, because they are super resistant! They are on the other hand a little more expensive, but will remain beautiful much longer. I also really like their shiny metallic look.

The discs can vary in their diameter. The logic is simple, the bigger your disc, the more sheets it can hold. The discs can vary in size depending on the company, but you will generally find between ¼ inch and 1-2 inches. Be careful not to go for the biggest one from the start if you don't fill them in, you'll find the binding cumbersome! Better to start small, then expand as needed.

The shape of the discs.

Each company has a very slightly different disc shape. On the other hand, the differences are so minimal that generally, it does not bother for your notebook. So you could bind your notebook with holes from one company and put records from the other without any problem, in general.

To install the discs, the method is quite simple. Just go with a small bundle of leaves at a time. Here you will find a step by step with pictures on how to do it.

The great thing about disc binding is that it can fit any sheet size. So you could decide to bind a mini notebook, and just bind it with a few discs. The standard for a letter-size (8.5×11 inches) diary or notebook is 11 discs. Many mini diaries use 8-9 discs as well.

The holes

At the holes, like the discs, you will find small variations on the shape. Some companies have holes a little longer, others a little bigger.

To make the holes, we love the hole punch from the Happy Planner brand. You will find it here . Note that the Staples hole punch is also compatible, but slightly different in the shape of the holes.

If you're the type to personalize your planner, I advise you to keep a hole punch at home. No more than a groin 40 dollars, it will quickly come in handy!

*Attention, as the holes are of different brands from the hole puncher, it is possible to notice some differences. For example, the holes can be deeper/shallower.

Need to see in detail: watch here how I put together a diary quickly

Can the pages fall off or tear off?

This is often the biggest fear at first. But I assure you not. In fact, the disc system is strong through strength in numbers. If you pull on a single sheet, yes, it will leave. On the other hand, the strength of all the sheets together makes the discs stay in place. So you can take it everywhere with you without fear!

Why are dicsbound my favourite?

My favorite among possible bindings is definitely discs.

Mainly for the benefit of removing and putting leaves over time. For a diary, I love being able to remove my sheet, do my decoration for the week, then put the sheet back in place. I also find it very useful to be able to punch out a note or to-do sheet and then add it to my week. To personalize my diary as much as possible, I often use printable sheets. I print, I punch and I put them directly in my diary!

I also love the concept of being able to change my blanket with the seasons. No need to have a new diary to be different, just change the cover and I already have the impression of having a new diary!

A point rarely brought also is at the level of economy and ecology.
Unlike spiral binders which are only good for the year, disc binders can be reused. So you can remove your records from your diary from last year, to reuse your records this year. Not only is it economical for you (you now understand why I recommend the more resistant metal ones.. 😉 ) but it's also one less waste in our trash cans.

Finally, I love the flexibility of being able to make a notebook on the go! A training booklet to print? I make the holes, put a box in front and behind, install my discs and that's it!

I hope that now, the discs have no more secrets for you!

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