Welcome to my world !

Welcome to my world !
I'm Laurence, the stationery addict behind Blueberry!

I work with several collaborators to offer you tools for your organization.

I firmly believe that we don't have to be great artists to have an agenda that reflects him and is creative.

That's why I offer stickers and material to decorate easily and quickly.

My goal: to help you organize yourself in an efficient and aesthetic way in order to simplify your daily life.

Stationery, a long love story

6 years. I discovered DIY. I have a ton of pencils and my parents get a lot of drawings!

8 years. I discovered scrapbooking. I'm creating my first album and I always ask for new material as a gift! This is the beginning of an accumulation of finds.

17 years. I explore the world of diaries. I buy my first Kikki-k, an overpriced leather diary!

19 years old. I give up scrapbooking for lack of time. I make holiday cards for everyone. They are all the rage and people suggest I sell them
 An idea is sown.

21 years old. My creativity is overflowing! I am a university student and I need to organize myself. I realize that I can't find what I want on the market. so I decide to create it.

22 years old. I took charge of my passion and founded Blueberry Papeterie in 2017!

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