How to install the discs on the diary

You will receive your diary in two parts: the metal discs and the perforated diary.

I assure you, it's quite easy to install the discs. You just have to take the time.

Need to see it fast? Watch the video here.

For the steps one by one in photo, go down below 🙂

First step: install the discs on the cover

Start by laying your blanket flat.

Installs one disk at a time.

I suggest you retract the disc by turning it slightly so as not to damage your paper.

Second step: tuck in the second blanket

This step will allow you to stabilize discs. You'll see, it's really better afterwards!

Third step: enter the content of the agenda

You still have the easiest thing to do!
Take a small bundle of leaves at a time. About ten.
You can easily tuck them in by weighing gently between the holes.
I advise you to go easy, so as not to bend between the holes 🙂

Continue like this with all your leaves and you're done!

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