How to organize your kitchen in 5 easy tips

By TeamNutrition

Eating varied, with pleasure and above all, without wasting, goes above all through a well-organized kitchen. Here are 5 easy tips to cook, while being organized and motivated!

1- Create an Eat soon section

With a view to reducing food waste, it may be interesting to reserve a small section in our refrigerator for the foods that should be consumed in the coming days in order to prevent them from no longer being good. Whether it's leftovers from the night before or wilted leafy greens, anything is possible!

2- Put the most consumed foods within sight

Foods that are used frequently can be put in transparent jars. This makes it easy to see what should be repurchased soon, thus reducing unnecessary purchases. But while it might be tempting to have a Pinterest-like pantry, there's no need to spend on brand new jars! You can simply reuse old glass jam or sauce jars. To make everything look nicer and more organized, Blueberry Stationery's spice and storage labels are a great option, whether it's for spices or kitchen staples (like sugar and flour).

3- Plan your meals

With food now in full view, we can now have fun finding recipes with what we already have ( bye bye food waste!). Planning what you're going to eat for the coming week is a great way to save time and reduce the stress that can be associated with meal preparation. To do this, we can use Blueberry Stationery's Weekly List to write down our ideas and leave it on the fridge!

4- Highlight fruits and vegetables

To increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables , it can be interesting to leave them in sight, whether on the counter or on a shelf at eye level in the pantry or the refrigerator. Cutting them in advance can also be a great option for eating more: the more prominent and ready-to-eat they are, the more likely you are to choose them when you have a little craving!

5- Make a grocery list as you go

Registering as the week progresses what we will need to buy during our next visit to the grocery store will allow us not to forget anything once there and to buy only the essentials. And to do this, it is possible to use the Grocery List of Blueberry Stationery that we will leave on our refrigerator. The advantage? It is even divided into sections to customize, according to the rows and sections of our favorite supermarket!

This article was written by the dietitian nutritionists at TeamNutrition . Their team offers nutritional consultation services online and in more than 80 offices across Canada.

For more cooking tips, visit their KoalaPro portal or make an appointment with a nutritionist .

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