The best stationery for garden planning

How to combine two passions into one: monitoring your garden!

Not only for the happiness of properly documenting, but also to ensure that our plants have everything they need to grow. Having a clear plan in your diary is helping your garden and helping you not to forget important actions. So it will be easy to plan your garden quickly. Here are our favorites for planning the garden:

  • Icon Stickers - Garden : to embellish your planning of your garden, or write down the highlights throughout the summer
To mark the shade, or even note the temperature to help your plants as much as possible, the temperature stickers are very useful!

To go further in the planning of the garden

The vegetable garden sticker collection: A complete collection on the theme of the vegetable garden! Ideal for planning your week under the theme of the garden, or embellishing your gardening notebook.
Garden Planner: Icons exclusive to this set to plan your garden from A to Z. Make a difference and create something special with Garden Planner Stickers. Plan creative gardening projects and decorate them with unique patterns and colors for a very personal result. Go ahead, take up the challenge and let your imagination soar!

Set to download-Garden: A set of sheets to print to have a complete garden notebook!
So tell us, what will you grow this year? :)

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