The Best Stationery for Meal Organization

If there's one activity we do every day, it's cooking!

Plan dinners for the week, organize the kitchen in batches on Sundays, make lunches and plan wonderful dinners with friends.

Food is part of our rituals and our daily lives. That's why kitchen stationery will be the perfect ally to help you organize your kitchen. Here are our favorites 🙂

The stickers

They will be perfect for quickly jotting down your meal planning in your calendar, your planner and your bullet journal. You can even glue them in advance to do it in "batch"!

Notepads and diary refills

The classic grocery list is not a great discovery! But what if we made it more practical and more pleasant to use?

The Cottage Kitchen Notebook is great for jotting down your notes and cooking lists. With its thick and textured paper, it will certainly make your experience luxurious and pleasant.

The grocery list refill combines the usefulness of your disc diary by entering it directly into the discs. You can therefore have your list at hand all week, then detach it when the time comes to bring it with you to do your shopping. Double-sided, we assure you that you will not run out of space!

So tell us, how will you use these items to improve your meal planning?

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