New disc holes

Blueberry Stationery grown up! and it is while growing up that changes are necessary.
So we change the holes of our products very slightly.

A little history

Initially, our famous disc holes were punched by hand with a household hole punch. So there was a human taking a small bundle of leaves at a time and running it through the hole punch. It works wonderfully! But you can imagine how long it is.

With the growing demand for our products, we have evolved into an industrial and automatic machine! Much faster, more efficient, and easier for the humans handling it! This beautiful tool, however, comes with slightly different holes than our manual hole punch.

What is changing?
Basically, the depth of the holes.
The small mushroom will always be the same format.
The holes will still be in the same place as before.
But, the holes will be slightly shallower in the discs (we are talking about 1-2 millimeters).

Concretely, what does it do?
This slight change will mean that if you had our sheets before and buy our new sheets, you may see a one to two millimeter offset on the side of your pages. Really nothing major!

Ultimately, all our products will make this change and everything will become perfectly adjusted again. But in the meantime, you can make your choice knowing the whole story behind our new holes.

The change of hole will be done gradually on all our products. To find out which products now have the new holes, keep an eye out for "New holes!" »

For information :

Green. Older Blueberries. Long and tall mushroom
White. New Blueberry: Short and Tall Mushroom
Blue. ARC: Short and flat mushroom
Mauve. Happy planner: Long and flat mushroom

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