Favorite stationery in the colors of spring

If there's one thing I've learned from packing customer orders for several years, it's that stationery themed sets are always a winner. Orders are often matched with notepads, pencils, diary and notebook in similar colors, for the pleasure of the eyes.

To make it easier and inspire you, we've selected four spring stationery collections to pair together.


The eucalyptus stationery set is definitely one of the most popular all year round at Blueberry!

For a calm and serene set of offices, we offer:

Purple pansy flowers

Brand new for spring, these brightly colored little flowers will be perfect for getting out of the gloom of winter! We agree, impossible to be unhappy with such a beautiful collection of stationery!

For a mauve and chic set, we offer you:


Another collection that is very successful throughout the year: Colibri.

Soft pink colors and flowers make it really soft and feminine. You won't go wrong for spring!

To have a chic and classic look, we offer you:


Fleurs des champs is one of my favorite collections with its dynamic colors reminiscent of the heat of the sun. You'll have a bright and vibrant stationery set, so you won't go unnoticed.

To plan everything in style, we offer you:

No matter which themed set you choose, we're sure you'll have style this spring! Because working with beautiful Quebec stationery makes work much more pleasant! No ?

So, tell us in the comments, which set will be your favorite to start spring in style?

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