What is the difference between Zebra Clickart and Mildliner?

An essential tool in your diary: pencils! If you're like me, you're on an endless quest for THE pencil of your dreams. In the planning community, the Mildliners no longer have their name to make. They are adored and pampered by all the addicts to their planner.
The Clickarts, on the other hand, are a new revelation! They fill in what the Mildliners could not offer.
Together, they're a fire team to get you organized and decorated. Here are all the important points to demystify the two types of pencil.


Mildliner: The pencil has two tips at each end: bevel and round (a little wide). The bevel tip is great for highlighting, while the round tip is great for writing titles or sketching.

Clickart: The retractable tip is harder than Mildliners. It round with a size of 0.06 mm. It is perfect for writing (more finely) or drawing small elements, such as stickers icons.

Mildliner: They come in 30 colors. The ink is rather translucent like a highlighter, perfect for writing in black on top. The ink generally does not bleed through most papers.

Mildliners are available individually or as a themed set. You will find the sets of 5: fluorescent , Friendly , Warm , Fresh and refined , neutral, soft then Refreshing .

Clickart: 48 colors. It is a felt ink, opaque. Like Mildliners, the water-based ink does not bleed through the sheets.

Only 11 colors are currently available individually. The sets are sold in 3 different collections: Regular , Pastel , soft and Dark .

In the two types of pencils, the colors are not identical. Clickarts are not based on Mildliners. On the other hand, yes you will find a pale blue which is similar in each collection for example. But as the Clickart have more colors, you will find different shades so as not to make your tone on your equal.

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