Find your key word of the year

How many times have you tried to make a New Year's resolution and it didn't go as planned?

After a few months, the resolution has gone up in smoke and you haven't moved any further. It is somewhat in the spirit of resolutions that the word of the year has become so popular.
Much less restrictive and guilt-inducing than a resolution, it allows you to align your whole year around a single word.

But how do you find that word that will guide the next 365 days?

1. Take stock of the year

Make yourself comfortable, it's time to review your senior year. What did you learn in your year?

Both the good ones and the bad ones.

  • How did you feel?
  • Have you had any crushes?
  • Did you surprise yourself with anything?
  • What were you most and least proud of?

2. Tornado of words

After your assessment, it's time to let go of all your inspiration in a bomb on a sheet. Write down all the words that come to mind at that moment. ALL. Don't censor yourself. We'll clean up later. Once the inspiration is exhausted, you can clean up. Do you see a correlation, links between the multiple words? Are there any themes that stand out?

3. Focus on the future

After taking stock of your year and throwing all the possible words on a sheet, it's time to ask yourself questions about what you want to become in the next year.

  • What qualities would you like to emphasize?
  • What are your long term goals in your life?
  • How could this word help you move in this direction?

It can be hard to find all at once.
Don't put pressure on yourself, on a daily basis, you will think about it and you will find it.

4. Find its definition

Once the word is found, you just have to define its definition for yourself. A word can take different turns and you can interpret it in many ways. What is your own definition of this word?

4. Line the walls with your word

You now have your word and its definition, all you have to do is integrate it everywhere. A good way to do this is to put it in your diary.
You can make a “vision board”. This inspiration board allows you to have all the inspiration that surrounds the word.

It's still more beautiful to keep than just the word black on white 😉

Why find me a key word?

Why find me a lighthouse word?

What's nice about having your flagship word is being able to align all your actions according to the word. It becomes your guide and your filter.
Does this action align with my keyword?

It also allows you to make connections more easily in all areas of your life. Unlike a resolution which is very precise, a word beacon can adapt to work, home, etc.

After all this process, have you found your word of the year?
Write it in the comments

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