Once a month, you will receive a selection of stickers on your doorstep to organize your diary effectively.

Treating yourself every day is quite a challenge!

You want to add a little pleasure to your daily life by allowing yourself small treats. But what complicates everything is the guilt every time.

Oh I shouldn't buy that bag of jujube;Hmmm that's expensive for a fancy coffee;Yeah maybe I don't need a new cup. 😱

The monthly subscription is:

A little treat

For you, because you deserve it. It's allowing you to take a moment each week to plan in your calendar. It's giving you a sweet moment, to satisfy the orderly adult that you are, but also the heart of a creative and amazed child.


You are in my subscribers, I want to spoil you too! You will find in the subscription the new collections every month. New content, but also a small sheet exclusive to subscribers. My clients have called it “the little magic leaf” and no one but the subscribers can have that.


Life goes fast, you don't have time to think about placing your stationery order every month and looking for the stickers you need. I'll take care of it for you with a fresh selection for the time of year. Intense feeling of joy guaranteed with every shipment!


Not only do subscriptions cost you less than buying the stickers individually, it also saves time in your week. The best part: you always get more stickers than the price paid.

They choose magic every month


The joy of discovering something you didn't choose! For me it's like a surprise mail that I receive! It also takes the pressure off me, because I know that even if I don't have time to plan my weeks, my planner can be beautiful with these stickers! So, I don't stress anymore if I don't have 2-3 hours free on my weekend to decorate my pages. For real it completely changed my relationship with my planning periods; could of stress and more pleasure🙂

Vicky P.

I love monthly subscriptions. I don't have to rack my brains to remember that I have to renew the whole thing. I am very happy to receive the subscription because it is often a great discovery for me and it brings me a little happiness for the day when I open the envelope. I've been a fan of stickers and stationery like you've been offering since I was a kid. So it's a moment for me to relax, make my diary, decorate as I please.

Helen B.

The monthly subscription is giving yourself the opportunity to travel to surprise destinations through the Blueberry universe and God knows it feels good! I see myself, every moment I open my mailbox and see the envelope, a smile appears instantly, a joy settles in the bottom of my heart! The excitement of discovering the tights of the month, then immersing myself in them while decorating my diary reminds me how good it is to get together, to take a break! Thank you Laurence! Ah yes I forgot! We feel all the love you put into it and that matters a lot, it makes the difference! 😘

Windy M.

Concretely in your mailbox, you will receive:

The subscription content varies a bit each month, but you can expect to receive a weekly set to plan your month, and then 3-4 decoration pages to spruce up your planning. Either way, I make sure you get more than you paid for!

As a bonus: you always have the little magic sheet that is adapted to each month.

What is the magic sheet?

The magic sheet is my way of making you enjoy the present moment.

The seasons pass so quickly, we often do not see the time passing! You will find some activities related to the season to stick to your agenda so you don't forget to do them. History of at least doing some special activities each month!

It also includes special parties to put in your schedule. No need to look in your calendar, I did it for you!